Information Technology

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Invector Inc. develops innovative products for the financial sector to evaluate disparate assets, using mathematical techniques that are tried and tested in a host of other fields. This fills an evident need of the credit industry, both businesswise and in view of regulatory diligence.


Building on years of research and development within the field of linguistics, Cooori specialises in online language learning. The systems core technology is based on different elements and science from the cognitive science, neurology and advanced intelligence programming.


Transmit was founded to develop SaaS solutionfor managing digital marketing- and brand assets for small and medium-sized companies, a segment not being served by current solutions.


Stiki was established in 1992. The company now develops two types of software solutions, to assess operational risk and to assess quality of health care services.

NordicPhotos ehf.

NordicPhotos specializes in the sale of photographs of Nordic photographers through the internet as well as selling foreign photographs in the Nordic countries.


Mentor was established in 2000 and has from the beginning prided in helping schools support every individual better and offers on that basis a complete informatical and educational system for everyone working with children.

Menn og mýs

Men & Mice was founded in 1990 and develops and sells a DNS, DHCP and IP address management solution (DDI) branded as the Men & Mice Suite.


Gagnavarslan offers a complete solution for the digital and physical storage for documents, paper, artwork and other documents.


Dohop was founded in 2004 to develop and run a new website, allowing users to easily find cheap flights and connections, including both legacy and low-cost carriers in its search results. The site is now available in 26 languages and gets approx. 600.000 visits every month from all over the world.


AGR was created in 1998 and develops and sells solutions to increase efficiency in operating the supply chain. The company‘s main product is AGR Inventory Optimiser that has been used in 60 companies in 20 countries.


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