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Brú II

Brú II Venture Capital Fund (Bru II) is a venture fund focused on rapidly growing companies, in the areas of bio-tech, high-tech, media and energy. Investors include a number of Icelandic pension funds, Straumur-Burdaras investment bank and others. Brú II is one of two funds managed by Thule Investment whose portfolios include assets in Iceland, USA, UK and Scandinavia NSA Ventures has a 4.3% stake in the fund

Auður I

AUÐUR I is a private equity fund that invests in companies with high growth potential, The fund puts an emphasis on investing in businesses that are owned/or are run by women or where the Auður approach can create more value. The size of the fund is approximately 30 million Euros. NSA Ventures has a 4.7% stake in the fund.


Frumtak is an early stage and growth capital investor that invests in Icelandic technology start-ups with international potential. Frumtak focuses on Icelandic investments in Iceland but has the mandate to invest outside Iceland if necessary to help grow existing portfolio companies. Frumtak is a gerneralist fund. NSA Ventures has a 37% share in Frumtak and is part owner of Frumtak GP.


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