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Íshestar has been a leading riding tour operator since 1982 and has always given absolute priority to quality service and safety. Íshestar place great emphasis on sustainable tourism offering quality tours in the unspoiled nature of our country.

Gavia (Hafmynd)

The Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is a highly versatile man portable survey solution with a modular construction that can carry an array of sensors and custom payload modules, making it perfect for research, monitoring and surveillance tasks.


CLARA is a leading company in the field of analysing and erporting on the activity in the user communities of companies. CLARA specializes in analysing a vast amount of text and extract information that facilitates clients to get an overview of the debates centering around their company, brand and individuals.


Nikita is a clothing company that sells most of its products in boarding/clothingstores. The company also runs its own store in Reykjavík and Chamonix/France as well as a European online store.

Videntifier Technologies

Videntifier Technologies was founded in 2007 and utilizes research from the University of Reykjavik, regarding high-speed image and video search technologies. Today the emphasis and market niche that the company has selected is in the field of enabling police authorities to automatically detect illegal image and video material on computer equipment.


Primex ehf.

Primex produces high quality grades of chitin and chitosans from shrimpshell. The company guarantees traceability of its products, it has impemented the HACCP quality system. Primex is ISO 22000:2005 certified and its natural products are certified by Tun, an independent inspection and certification body for organic and sustainable production and resource utilisation. The products have highly variable usage, f.ex: LipoSan Ultra® is used as fat binder and for lowering cholesterol. The line of ChitoClear® products includes additives for cosmetics, food production, water purification, Band-aids and woundcare as well as products for animal care. This line includes also ready wound healing gel product for animals.



Marorka was founded in 2002 based on the founders’ research into maximizing the energy efficiency of ship fleets. The Marorka product line allows officers on board ships to monitor energy efficiency and managers at fleet offices to monitor fleet energy efficiency performance. The company's products and infrastructure are solid and the company is on an aggressive growth path.


Kerecis, a medical device company, was launched to address an urgent need for the better treatment of tissue damage, which is a serious health problem worldwide, e.g. in chronic wounds and hernia repair. Kerecis develops, produces and markets the tissue treatment product, Marigen, for chronic wounds, and Kerazin cream for the treatment of skin problems and dry chronic wounds. The company‘s products are based on the patent pending mECM and mOmega3 technology that the company has developed. The Kerecis group has extensive experience in medical devices and biotechnology. Their first products utilizing the mECM and mOmega3 technology are in the final testing phase and the chronic wound product has already been submitted for regulatory approval. Kerecis will soon start marketing its products in Europe and the USA.


Betware develops game solutions for lotteries that allow them to increase income through cell phone and internet sales. Betware offers its costumers universal solutions for internet games. The company‘s solutions allow costumers to add game solutions from a third party to the Betware solutions.


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