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GreenQloud is the world’s first environmental public compute cloud. At this time many companies are preparing to build computerlabs in Iceland and look first and foremost at foreign compute clouds as costumers, but Iceland is considered having an advantage for managing computerlabs. GreenQloud promotes full usage of energy resources with the larger part of the chain situated in Iceland. The pioneers have a great knowledge in the compute cloud market and have come far with the service’s development. The company received a grant from RANNÍS (Icelandic technology development fund) for 2010-2012-the grant for 2010 was for 8,5 million isk.

ReMake Electric

ReMake Electric has developed the CBM technology a Circtuit Breaker Meter, replacing the traditional circuit breakers. The founder Hilmir Ingi Jonsson, a certified electrician realized the lack of information for diagnosing faults and subsequently came up with the idea. The CBM does not only help in diagnosing problems but also gives the users the opportunity to be aware of their electrical consumption allowing them to save energy. The company is working on further develpment of the device in cooperetaion with customers and companies in this field.


Fjölblendir was established in 1996 to take advantage of the commercial opportunities presented by a new and innovative type of fuel system called TCT – Total Combustion Technology, invented by Kristjan Björn Ómarsson. In the past four years the emphasis has been on 4-stroke small off road engine primary for less than 225cc engines. TCT is now ready for market for that type of engine. Last year manufactured prototypes were made by their manufacturing partner in China, Sanai Hailing. Various designs of some critical components were tested and finally the design was closed at end of the year. The last phase has started in cooperation with one equipment manufacturer who aims to launch on the market one type of his lawn mover with TCT before the end of the year.


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