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Andrea Maack

ANDREA MAACK is an Icelandic perfume house, the brain-child of the artist Andrea Maack and the origin of the idea can be traced to Andrea's art exhibitions.


Valka was established in 2003 because of opportunity for new technology in the fish industry. Today the company offers very diverse software- and work-solutions that benefit most fish factories in the world today. Valka has never been stronger and the company aims for continuing rapid growth in the next years.


Star:Oddi was established in 1985 and has become one of the primary companies in the world in the field of electronic signals that are used in sea animal research. The measuring devices are small electronic temperature data loggers that collect data on various enviromental aspects, f.x. depth, temperature and salinity, and can also show direction and receive location. The data can be viewed in PC-computers through graphs and tables, where each measurement has a date and time. The researcher‘s goal is that with the usage of fish signals it is possible to have the database good enough to improve fisheries advice to sustainable utilization of fish resources. The company is broading its market by entering new markets with ready-made products. The company is also trusted to grow in the next terms.


Geogreenhouse was established with the goal to build a high tech greenhouse for tomato-production next to a geothermal power station. The location enables the greenhouse to lost heat, carbon dioxide and fresh water straight from the power station. High quality tomatoes will be produced year round without pesticides and will be produced with carbon equivalent workers and fresh Icelandic water. It is estimated that production will commence in the fall of the 2012 and that all the tomatoes produced in the greenhouse will be exported.


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