The company was founded to develop and market retinal oximeter. The most common cause of blindness in the developed world is believed to involve disturbance in the oxygenation of the back of the eye. This includes diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Oxymap manufactures and supports the Retinal oximeter. The product measures the retinal vessel oxygenation and diameter. Oxymap employs 10 people of which there are 5 full time employees. Current projects include: developing software for the oximeter, securing intellectual properties though patent applications, establishing a quality system and seeking marketing licenses. Oxymap collaborates with opinion leaders in the field of ophthalmology to carry out clinical research to demonstrate the usability of the product. The oximetry algorithm and the Oxymap retinal oximeter fits well into the product base of the major players in the ophthalmology equipment industry.

Oxymap's website: www.oxymap.com


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