Lifeind was founded in 2001 as a spin-off company from research at the University of Iceland. Lifeind has a novel approach within the biotech industry with regards to quality analysis of complex nucleic acid samples using two-dimensional electrophoresis. The company has been developing instrument and consumables to be able to offer customers an efficent, quick and reliable way to analyse their samples with two-dimensional electophoresis. In 2008 a sister company of Lifeind, BioCule (Scotland) Limited was founded. The purpose of that company is to prepare production of instruments and consumables and take care of marketing and business realations. Testing of the instruments and further application development and reasearch are being done in Iceland. The company has three published or pending patents. Marketing of the technology, instruments and consumables has started with introduction to selected scientists and research institutions. The company had three employees last year.

Lífeind's website: www.lifeind.com


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