Genis develops methods for using aminosugars in treatment of inflammatory and degenerative conditions in bone, cartilage and other tissues. The aminosugars are derived from shrimp shells and the projects have three focus points. 1. optimization of methods to use aminosugars in bone healing implants for use in orthopedic surgery 2. optimization of methods to use amino oligosugars for oral treatment of inflammatory diseases and 3. investigation of the involvement of aminosugars in various biochemical processes in the attempt to reveal the biology behind the apparent therapeutic activity of the aminosugars. The R&D projects employ methods of cell and molecular biology, tissue cultures, experimental animal models and human clinical trials. Most of the projects are carried out in collaboration with scientists and institutions in Iceland, Europe and the USA. Genis owns one granted patent in Europe, Japan and USA and two pending patents in more than 30 countries.


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