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NSA Ventures invests with an American venture fund in Gangverk


Gangverk is a progressive software consultancy founded two years ago by Helgi Hermannsson and Atli Þorbjörnsson. Gangverk employs ten people, all seasoned software professionals and experts on software development and creating application. Of late the company has been focusing on mobile applications, specifically media applications for mobile users. Its newest development is a solution for restaurants and people in the service sector.

NSA Ventures and the American venture fund will support its development and marketing abroad. Gangverk prides itself in its ability to offer clients assistance throughout the creative process from conception to design to implementation, operation and maintenance.

Among Gangverk's clients are some of the biggest media and service companies around. For instance, CBS Media and brands like and, the local music festival Iceland Airwaves, the phone-company Síminn, Arion bank, Icelandair Group and the icelandic media-company 365.

Helga Valfells, CEO of NSA Ventures, says she likes the investment in Gangverk because its new product will solve problems which many service companies have to deal with.

Helga also says that she likes investing with an American VC. The main market of Gangverk's new product will in the USA. Atli Þorbjörnsson and Helgi Hermannsson signed the investment contract on behalf of Gangverk and Helga Valfells and Jenný Ruth Hrafnsdóttir on behalf of NSA Ventures.

Jenný Ruth Hrafnsdóttir, investment manager at NSA Ventures, mobile 861-9177 / e-mail [email protected]
Helgi Hermannsson, CEO Gangverk, mobile 821-9588 / e-mail [email protected]


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