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17.12.2011 : Amer Sports Acquires Nikita

Nikita, the pioneering designer and producer of clothes and apparel for the boarding and alternative sports market, has been acquired by Amer Sports, a Finnish sportswear chain. The sale marks the succesful exit of NSA Ventures.

2.12.2011 : NSA Ventures invests in Icemedix

NSA Ventures has acquired a stake in Icelandic medical device and software maker Icemedix through a structured investment agreement that will land NSA an estimated 27% share. NSA believes that through a combination of expert management and world-class knowledge IceMedix has great potential in the growing global health care industry.


4.8.2011 : NSA invests in GreenQloud

NSA Ventures has led a consortium of investors that has acquired a stake in GreenQloud. GreenQloud operates the world's first truly green public computer cloud. In addition to NSA the consortium comprises Vilhjálmur Þorsteinsson and Kjölur, an investment firm.


18.7.2011 : NSA invests in Cooori

NSA Ventures has joined a group of private individual investors in an initial round of funding for Cooori, a company that has produced a new method of online language learning using high end artificial intelligence.


28.4.2011 : NSA invests in Mint Solutions

NSA Ventures invests in Mint Solutions-28.4.2011 The New Business Venture Fund and other start-up investors, including Investa, invested in Mint Solutions. The company‘s goal is to be leading in creating solutions for medication monitoring in medical institutions. For more information see the company‘s website:


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